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In the fall of 2015 Jeremiah teamed up with Hwy7Records to tell a story.  Northridge, consisting of twelve songs of love, redemption, and rebellion, is the saga of one man's journey back into the light from places dark and lonesome. In an interview in 2006, nine years before Northridge became a reality, Jeremiah summed up the project in 3 sentences:

“I want to sing to broken hearts, and I want to reach people.  I want them to feel what I’m feeling, and know that what I’m singing about is a situation I was  in and I made it through. So, here, take this song and let it help you right now.” 

The record was released in the summer of 2016 and the Hwy7Records team is now focusing on ways to get this music to the world. Please browse the site and, if you like the music, share it with your friends and call your local radio stations to play these tunes! Thank you to all who take the time to listen, you are appreciated immensely!