It all started for Jeremiah in the town of Waxahachie, TX.  In the 6th grade he desperately wanted to play percussion in the school band, but when he was told that the class was full he grudgingly signed up to play the trumpet.  At the time he was disappointed, but what the young Jeremiah didn’t know is that he had just set in motion an epic journey. A journey that would take him across the globe, land him on multiple network television shows, give him purpose while at the same time driving him crazy, and ultimately bring him to Northridge, California in 2016 to record a record with producers, Rob Arthur and Cricket LaRoque.

Jeremiah went on to become a gifted trumpet player, making many honor bands throughout his high school years, but ultimately deciding after his senior year that he was burned out and not interested in pursuing the instrument after graduation.  He soon found a love for playing the drums and toured around Texas with a couple of fledgling college bands before eventually finding his calling with a guitar in his hands and a microphone pressed to his lips. In the early years his songwriting mostly dealt with pain many young men experience like the sting of love lost or growing up without a father, but he eventually learned to let himself write about the happier side of life as well.

After college at Dallas Baptist University, he became a Project Analyst at Dallas based brokerage firm, H.D. Vest.  After a two year stint there, he was selected from over 50,000 entrants to be one of 11 contestants on ABC’s television show, The One: Making a Music Star.  Although the show ultimately did not do well it was the spark Jeremiah needed to decide to chase his music dream full time. After the show was over he returned to Dallas to record an independent album before moving to L.A. to try his luck at scoring an elusive record deal. Instead, he ended up being cast on CMT’s Can You Duet with his friend, Nick Brownell, placing second in the competition.  After the finale, Jeremiah decided to move and try his luck in Nashville, the city he calls home to this day.  In 2013, he was playing a gig at the Hard Rock Resort in Cancun, Mexico with some incredible Rock And Roll legends like Jeff Carlisi (.38 Special), Liberty Devito (Billy Joel), Jim Peterik (Survivor), etc., and it was there that he met Rob Arthur (band leader for Peter Frampton) and Cricket LaRoque. Jeremiah and Rob talked about getting together to maybe do some work when they got back to The States, but nothing really came of it until late 2015 when Cricket encouraged Rob, who was playing a Frampton show in Nashville, to reach out to Jeremiah and see if the two of them could write a song while Rob was in town. That song ended up being “Love Won’t Let Me Down,” one of the songs on Jeremiah’s latest record entitled Northridge.  When Rob got back home to the L.A. area, he and Cricket fell in love with the song so much that they decided to start a record label to release a full length record featuring Jeremiah and, thus, Highway 7 Records and the idea of Northridge was born.  Rob and Jeremiah worked diligently through the winter to write most of the material for the record and in 2016 started recording the base instrumental tracks for the project.  Rob also drafted the help of some his WORLD CLASS musician friends to play on the record.  These include:
  • Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Jeff Beck) - widely regarded as the best drummer in the world
  • Will Lee (David Letterman Band) - one of the most recorded bassists of all time
  • John Mcfee (Doobie Brothers) - pedal steel WIZARD, multi-instrumentalist
  • Gordon Kennedy - Guitar virtuoso, wrote “Change the World” by Eric Clapton
  • Damon Johnson (Thin Lizzy)
  • Adam Lester (Peter Frampton Band)
  • Gary Sieger (Donald Fagan)

The record also includes writing collaborations with Jeff Carlisi (.38 Special, wrote "Hold on Loosley"), Jim Peterik (Survivor, wrote "Eye of the Tiger"), Gordon Kennedy, and John Mcfee.  With the record done, the attention of Jeremiah and Highway 7 Records now shifts toward getting Northridge to the ears of music lovers worldwide.  Jeremiah, Rob, and Cricket have vowed to think big and are just thrilled at the responses they have received already regarding the record.